Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Contest Is For...Something...About Ecology

Wood and Cloth and Glass and Metal

I remember when clothing came in
Wool or silk or cotton
And the boxes were simple cardboard
With waxed paper lining.

They still make waxed paper, don’t they?

Makes the world go around.


If it looks like Wood, it might be plastic.
If it looks like Cloth, it might be plastic.
If it looks like Glass, it might be plastic.
If it looks like Metal, it might be plastic.

Clothing and boxes and dishes, oh my!
Computers, God! Computers and phones.
And now, you cannot destroy it.
And now, you can’t even burn it.

It is forever.

Some of it melts to become other objects.
Some of it melts to turn into gas.

It never leaves.
It is forever.

The most important thing to man is that
It’s cheaper than wood, cloth, metal or glass.
It’s faster than non-petroleum, too.
You make it in a mold and not with hands.

The rich of course, prefer the marble floor.
Food grown organic and cloth made of cloth.
The Mercedes must have a real grain trim.
And the botox comes from a...botox tree?

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