Monday, June 13, 2011

That Little Red White and Blue Card

I was getting myself stressed for the July 1 arrival date of the Medicare card when it showed up today, June 13. It’s not good till October 1, the day after the Cobra ends September 30.

So many people, from my Mother on through the raft of hideous men I’ve been involved with, manipulated me by saying I was helpless and incompetent.

Up yours with this card and my bank account.

I am surviving very nicely, thank you. But that could only be done by living alone, without someone taking half or all of my paycheck while telling me that he was lowering himself to be with me. And for a long time, I tried to buy the love, but all I bought was an overcharged Visa card and the first month’s rent on my first husband’s new apartment to get him out of there.

Never again, boys. Never! I don’t expect a fat old lady to bag a rich man, but you are paying half of every bill and if you want a key to my place, you visit the lawyer first. Yeah, with 1,850,000 more women than men in the country, you can find someone desperate enough to pay the bills and take the insults. Be my guest.

Anyway, unlike the health insurance I’ve had for twenty-four years, the Medicare is mine and mine alone. I earned it while those bastards sat around home and ate my food and took my money and sneaked around with other women.

That crap ended in 1986. And that’s why I have money now. Crumbs of a man’s attention are NOT worth it, Sisters. Trust me, I know.

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