Saturday, June 4, 2011

It’s About Survival

Forget about the dreams and fantasies.
There’s not enough money or medicine
To live forever
It’s time to deal with Death and poverty.

Whether you planned for it or not.

The Death of dreams and fantasies
That fueled this insane economy
The lies of children.
Who said “Worry about it tomorrow”.

Tomorrow arrived with a crash.

The ads promised that you deserve it all
Prince and Princess born to the middle class.
Why are you special?
There’s more involved than being born, I fear.

Failures cannot be fixed.

And there is no reason to start over.
Madness lies in demanding the rewards
Of a youth pissed away.
Contentment is the comfort to be had.

And that’s hard enough.

At least we don’t walk into the party
A hundred thousand bucks in college debt.
With no jobs in sight.
Sex, drugs and rock and roll was our war chant.

And then we settled down.

Jobs, houses, kids...take it or leave it.
Got a few productions, laid with strangers
And ate french food and wine.
Whatever the path, we can’t go back there.

We just have to survive.

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