Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wrote This a Year Ago, Disoboyed it, Paid the Price, I Return, Humbled

You know what The Deal is. It means,
If you Love me, you will do x, y, z.
If you do not happily do these things,
You do not Love me.
It’s not that difficult.

Just do the x, and y, and z I choose
And what are they? You shouldn’t have to ask.
If you have to ask...
You do not Love me...

And so, I leave and have nothing but my
Foolish Pride.
But why does any of it have to happen?

What a lovely mind.
Those two lovely hands.

That I want to stare...
Does not require he...

Stares back.

But if I sit quiet and undemanding,
I will never have to turn my back to him.

Scream Feminism as loud as you like
Age makes a woman less desirable.

Weights, running, Botox, dye.
You’re still the same.

Read. Paint. Think. Enjoy your hard won Freedom.

Enjoy the vision of his lovely hands.
And ask nothing more.
How sweet it then is,

When he decides to share something with you.
Especially if it is not on that damned,
Silly list.

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