Thursday, June 9, 2011

The New System

The first time I used the Photo Booth, I suddenly realized why some friends look so bad in videos because I looked like a wrinkled strawberry. Having a hell of a time moving the mailing list because AOL calls all the addresses I carried over as bad and Comcast won’t let me copy an address over. It has to be completely retyped. I have to get rid of Earthlink and I have no luck getting into the #$%@$#%@#% YAHOO to change my e-mail address on two groups.

But, I love the speed and even if I look like a dog, it’s fun to take my picture from Facebook and I just discovered that I can record on the Movie Maker. However, it has no tutorial so I’m on my own figuring it out. I think I’d like to try a short cartoon. It is cool that my Comcast e-mail is answering my phone when I’m out. And best of all, the phone is never tied up. I’m looking into Hulu and ITunes for television and movies and I seem to be able to watch Jon Stewart on Hulu. Just do the free until I figure out if Chase Bank has screwed up my IRA.

I’m up to 180 friends on Facebook and they are all delightful and creative. And this Microsoft is correcting my spelling AS I TYPE. I’ve finally watched all of my friend’s videos and I have to admit, Peter, that seeing them in one piece demonstrates their qualities much more positively. I’m able to watch the shared videos of everyone now. And all of this is saving me about $50 on the phone-cable-internet.

Still, though. I have to get out and meet people. I have to talk face-to-face and smell their scent and hear their laughter. I closed down the Plenty of Fish site. Too much and not enough at the same time. If there is enough fool out there, desperate enough to want me or compatible enough to dig me, it’s gotta be in real life. But the Internet is sure more fun with all this.

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