Friday, June 10, 2011

We Are More Than You and I

Accept the fact that absolutely everything has changed.
No matter how badly you needed or wanted it, it’s gone.

Be hurt! Be angry! Hold your breath and turn blue. Nothing changes.
There is nothing left to say or do except enjoy the dawn.

Millions and billions are in the same boat, no rescue in sight.
Still we refuse to sink into the water and disappear.

God and our right hands! That’s all we have and all we’ll ever need.
Refuse their temptations and pleasures and let them know we’re here.

Friend, if we can’t be the ones who live in the golden palace
Let us be the heroes who block the tank and make History.

We are free and we are rebels and we owe nothing to them.
It’s time to help the younger find their voices in Glory.

Our mistakes are the best lessons we can teach to other minds.
We can fix this life by accepting that the rewards are theirs.

Let the rich and the rulers and the bullshitters have the pie.
While we nurture and educate and give power to our heirs.

I don’t want to be bitter! Don’t want to be angry or sad!
Life’s hard enough day-to-day without rusty expectations.

A whining noise means that something needs maintenance and fresh oil.
And no one wants to hear our complaining emanations.

If we march, we march for others unselfishly, not ourselves.
And if we win, then we pray that the benefits help us all.

Rise up out of the mire and see the sun and the blue sky.
Take the hands of others and I promise you, you will not fall.

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