Friday, June 3, 2011

Let Us Now Praise a 2002 iBook

Let Us Now Praise a 2002 iBook and the amazing crew at Catcom who kept it running. My MIS Department.

We are taking this reliable Mac, which was rebuilt twice and cannot hold the memory for 2011 programs, in to the shop to have its mind melded with the new, fancy IMAC with a huge memory. With the new, faster connection coming Thursday, I will have finally arrived into the year...2009.

At United Media, I received a new MAC that was killed or died 6 months later. It was replaced with the same machine, so I now refer to them as Bon and Brian. AC/DC fans will get the joke.

I don’t have a name for the tiny workhorse here. It has written a dozen plays and was critical to my joining Facebook. I met someone here and did the stupidest thing a woman could do and met him. I will never forget that wild and beautiful California condor. You are lucky to see one fly over head and even luckier to have it land before you and let you simply touch its feathers before he explodes again into flight. And it was here I said goodbye to him because that’s what you have to do with wild animals and wilder men. No regrets...but, never again.

The new MAC is a virgin, fresh out of the box, clear of old memories. Oh, God! Getting used to a new MAC...working out the kinks. I’m moving information into a temporary message site, praying I don’t forget anything. It is a storage place for my scripts.

But, with luck, this little guy will be my backup MAC, shaking his head and smiling at his goofy new brother who has no idea what the Hell is going on. This is my adventure for this year. And my big expense. Let’s hope I can make it pay off in all the best ways.

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