Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sonnet 90 -- May Earth Outlive The Idiot Humans

I see a riot of green and yellow
I’m wide awake beneath a blue May sky
The breeze is cool and the air is mellow
But the birds are few and the bees don’t fly
The night air goes into a sudden freeze
Yet in seven days the June sun will boil
The Winter and Summer dance in a tease
Both freezing and heating the seeded soil
As Earth descends into raw insanity
And we look into the birth of the end
All  of us guilty of depravity
Watching humanity go round the bend
Forgive us all you innocent species
Please survive the reign of human feces

Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh, Great! A Two Year Old Poem and Nothing Has Changed

I’m as inspired
As the Rumi dripping
Buddha spewing
Want me to be.
But then
There are days
Like this
Where all the Breyers
On Earth
Wouldn’t help.
Tell me
Why the Hell
I want what’s bad
For aging female
Like me.
It’s just
Springtime allergies
Fucking up
What’s left of
My mind.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Speech from "Bulldog"

Mary German
There used to be something called a newspaper. Not just a brand name on a web site, but actual paper with ink on it. Ink that would stain your fingers and newspapers had weight and they landed on your front porch with a “Thump!” And I’ll bet your kids have never touched one. You never read them the funny papers sitting on the couch. You probably don’t have the time to “waste” reading silly colored panels to your children who were holding their IPhones in their hands, waiting for you to shut up so they could to get the important news…their Junior High friends and pictures of their friends and little damned else in a day that will probably change their lives because some law was passed, or some great man was shot, but they didn’t care and they didn’t notice.

Thousands of us in the newspaper business reported and researched and laid it out and printed it and delivered it and today, all you need is one man on a one computer. And the computer does all the work, corrects the spelling, lays out the type and the pictures and then delivers it all with one push of a button. And the irony is that’s the only way it might ever reach those children with their noses locked on their electronic device. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bad Mood Rising

On the brink of reality, I stop
And look behind me at my life
I pretend it’s all sunshine and blue birds
But I have to face the failures.
We repress anger and lie to ourselves
Hooked on fantasies and daydreams,
The lie that if Life doesn’t work right now
We will force it to go our way
I at least have comfort and medicine
While a lost world is on the brink
The surest sign of insanity is
Doing the same thing over and
Over and expecting a different end
My Knights had less than shining armor
And tilted at rainbows, then fell
Sancho Panza here had to rescue them
And escape ere they bled her dry
It is what it is it do what it do
So said the Master Ray of Charles
Anger and depression changes nothing
But sometimes reality is a bridge
To carry us to an answer

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sonnet 89 -- Aren't YOU Little Miss Sunshine?

The age of fantasy is dead at last
Your lovely daydreams can never come true
We have a glorious, glittering past
But our future might be a nasty zoo
It doesn’t matter if it’s true or false
As long as it gets us through one more day
We silently cling in an empty waltz
And quiet our minds with the swing and sway
But the sun is warm and the sky is blue
And for a moment we can laugh and sing
Or smile when I see the beauty of you
Or trees or sky or a cute fuzzy thing
At least we can cling to fun memories
Before we’re cut down by guns or disease