Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bad Mood Rising

On the brink of reality, I stop
And look behind me at my life
I pretend it’s all sunshine and blue birds
But I have to face the failures.
We repress anger and lie to ourselves
Hooked on fantasies and daydreams,
The lie that if Life doesn’t work right now
We will force it to go our way
I at least have comfort and medicine
While a lost world is on the brink
The surest sign of insanity is
Doing the same thing over and
Over and expecting a different end
My Knights had less than shining armor
And tilted at rainbows, then fell
Sancho Panza here had to rescue them
And escape ere they bled her dry
It is what it is it do what it do
So said the Master Ray of Charles
Anger and depression changes nothing
But sometimes reality is a bridge
To carry us to an answer

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