Sunday, June 5, 2011

Keeping My Legs and My Pocketbook Closed

I am retiring from Love having never really known it.
Once or twice I’ve seen longing eyes while I was unavailable.
Thinking I loved someone who was an unappreciative shit.

For ten years, sex was plentiful and easily, coldly enjoyed.
And then, the price to my ego and pocketbook became too high.
The men shrank in all possible ways and I started to avoid.

Men don’t believe this, especially if it’s their dicks at play.
No orgasm is worth it if we pay in dignity and pride.
We need conversation and respect and laughter to let them stay.

And face it, Ladies, it’s not our personalities that seal it.
With a million eight hundred thousand more of us than of them.
They can get what they need in a younger, sweeter and trimmer fit.

It’s time for the friends and collaborators to give us good love.
It’s time for me to be my companion and my own confidant.
No more noble understanding, tolerating or rising above.

Keeping my legs, and my pocketbook closed.

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