Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Short One For the Holiday

Blue sky was too big, too hot and too clear.
Dry and silent, trees brown, hills looking sick.

Raven flew overhead, warning me out.
I am green and humid. Cement and brick.

Haven’t been Hippie since ‘71,
And I'm too old to get back on that whirl.

Newark Liberty is my hometown port.
No one else has to love this Jersey girl.

Back! Boom! Back in the New York Groove, Sweetheart.
I left my heart, so I don’t need to feel.

You really don’t need a heart in the East.
Just a sense of humor and guts of steel.

It is pointless to fight with a ghost.
Shape-shifting and obfuscating.
It takes any form it wants until
We finally see it clearly.
Then, it turns into a shooting star,
And disappears.

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