Friday, May 27, 2011

How Can I Forget You When You’re Hanging on my Wall?

I said “I love you” in 1986
And never again till 2010.
So, cut me a break, guys.
I don’t do it lightly, all right?
You’re safe.
I’m not looking for anything
With a dick.
I’m not looking for anything

Lost in phone calls among Banks and Investments,
Dentists and doctors and medical suppliers.
And the computers, in rebellion, fuck it all up.


All of our social progress erased.
So much information
Makes us dumber than dirt.

I cannot wrap my mind around
A tooth threatening my life.
The tooth gets all my money
I wish the Air Conditioner would understand.
But, nooooooo.

Gimme a “W”!
Gimme a “H”!
Gimme a “A”!
Gimme a “T”!
What’s that spell?

Just when I start to lose weight,
I have to get two teeth fixed
And am forced to eat ice cream.

A friend got the mad idea
To have all of his friends friend me.
I am suddenly buried in roses.
I will have to upgrade my system
To properly enjoy their scent.

I refuse to be a self-destructive genius
Once I get the genius part figured out.

How can I forget you
When you’re hanging on my wall?

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