Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Made Us Slit Our Own Throats

One of the purposes of the 9/11 attacks was to cause Americans to panic and start self-defeating and damned if we didn’t. We elected Republicans. We let them go to war and stop taxing the rich and let the banks and medical industry run rampant until they ran the entire international economy into the grounds and until we accept and deal with this, he wins.

He wins whenever we embrace a racist belief like Birtherism or the Tea Party. You are not fooling us, folks. You are saying no black man, no matter he is one of the most intelligent and charismatic leaders on EARTH could be the American President. Despite the fact that whites will be the minority in 40 years, we want to take the country back from THEM. He wins whenever we attack teachers and education in the hopes of making a totally stupid electorate instead of the partially stupid one we have now. And if you didn’t vote out of laziness or thinking you were making a point, you are not stupid, you are a moron.

So, before you grab hold of this death and dance around joyously...stop and give a prayer to...WHOEVER. To something beyond the blood and sand. Think before you act. Get vengeance out of your heart and replace it with Justice. Now, we can stop the war in Afghanistan. Now, we can get out of Iraq and Libya. We killed the symbol of evil and since the wars were mostly symbolic, get out and start spending the money on taking care of us.

The mess we made is going to take years and billions to clean up. If we don’t keep slitting our own throats, we might at least save the world for our children. And if you don’t care about the world your children inherit...congratulations! You’ve just made Osama victorious again.

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