Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teeth, Tornados, and Art

Something’s wrong with the root canal today.
A mere dentist couldn’t. Specialist time.
It’s assumed I can afford it. Yeah, right.

Not allowed to demand an extraction.

Folks in Missouri and Oklahoma
Losing everything, including life.
Add Alabama. It’s too much to bear.

No house. No job. No clothes. No food. Just hope.

I want to run and help and fix it all.
But Art is active in the mind and hand.
We can’t leave printer and easel behind.

We sit on our butts and just ruminate.

What do I play, what do I write, or draw?
Not now. Maybe later. We can raise funds.
And maybe consciousness, little else.

Not even famous, for what that is worth.

And like the failed Rapture, we wonder why
We are here and where we are going.
And if maybe an intact set of teeth....

Are the best possible goal of  a Life.

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