Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Earth is Five Million Years Old

dAnd here we are, worrying about our Art
Or Romance, that nature meant as mating
Forever, due to instinct, not by vows.

Hunters and gatherers and survivors.
A career chosen by necessity.
Every child unplanned and death sudden.

Mankind born in Africa as one race.
Skin color changed in response to the sun
No God judgment, or good or bad, just skin.

Plagues, earthquakes, volcanoes and hunger
And life often ended by thirty years
Was just what was, not a statement of worth.

I am not special, I am just a human
Who happens to write and paint and sculpture.
Once the one who told stories by the fire.

That’s my job, you hunt, you gather, I gab.
He paints amazing pictures in the cave.
Another dances away our illness.

Remind us again that we are equal
And do not deserve jewels or favors.
Just the same pot and pallet and warm fur.

As all the same survivors of this world.

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