Monday, May 23, 2011

Life is Lived Off Line

You don’t eat or sleep or defecate here.
Or do you do that with this in your lap?
I love you guys, but I need real people.

No fantasies.

Sit in the dark and quiet and listen.
Don’t be afraid of being alone or
You you will surely attract the monsters.

Trust me. I know.

The silence is a killer and a lie.
Don’t wonder why people marry and breed.
It’s for noise and good things to fill  the mind.

Laughter and joy.

My writing fails because I do not speak.
My writing fails because I do not hear.
My writing fails because I am not real.

Don’t excuse me!

My illness is manageable. I move.
My age has nothing to do with living.
I survived for sixty years on daydreams.

I get it now.

This is the dream machine, where all is true.
For free, with no obligations or dirt.
Providing you never meet in real life.

Which breaks the rules.

Because real life shows that you were wrong.
The computer says all and nothing at all.
No scent, no touch, no muss, no fuss, no life.

Two dimensions.

Screw chat rooms, comments, and telephone sex.
You cannot love someone you never met.
It’s time to hit the bricks and smell the air.

Eye to eye.

Voice to voice.

Hand in hand.


  1. Heartbreaking - beautiful. Suggestion...? Consider what it is that breaks your heart open. Then find a way to volunteer to help, in whatever small way you can share your time and presence. Might help? xoxox

  2. Yes, I am struggling right now with this crazy world and what I can do to help it. I'm a little weak due to the MS, but I'm struggling to see if I can find words to help. I can be a better writer on this format if I can find my voice in real life.