Friday, July 1, 2011

The Collected Tweets of Reinhard, Number One

Any point to walking on eggshells? Slowly, on your toes, arms flailing.
Ungainly and obvious. You might as well stomp and make an omelet.

Spirit Guide’s 6/25/11: Outsiders. We’re going in here to discuss something, but Outsiders will have to remain outside.

If you say “I care,” Say nothing more. No “therefore” or “ergo,” because nothing Is required in return. If it is, you want, and do not care.

FREE VERSE DE TWIT: Summertime. Take a break from growth and insight. Sit on the hood of the car eating Frosty Freeze. Watch the fireworks.

When pain has numbed U & hollowed out your soul, U R ready to receive fresh life again. Don’t look for it. Let it come to you.

Has the world become impassive to shock?Or in this hell of greed and scandal, is a loving heart and gentle touch truly the most radical act?

Old but not our grandparents. Lovers of Freedom shocked that she rejects us now. We redefine aging while fires burn around us.

Debating the pharmaceutical costs,  I stop to consider my worth. Neither child nor the mother of children, What do I contribute to Earth?

SPIRIT GUIDE 6/29/11: RETICENT We are careful of it, it is fragile. The boys and girls are reticent towards each other. They do not speak.

Be prepared for people being angry at you for preparing. They resent your comfort, not wanting to hear that you too are scared of the future.

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