Monday, July 25, 2011

The Collected Tweets of Reinhard, Number Two

It’s not the heat, it’s the humility.

Fairy Tales can’t come true, they can’t happen to you. No matter how old or young your heart is. Reality will have to do.

Your fantasies are as inspirational to you as mine are to me.

We need to write of life & death. We need to write of hunger. We need to write of wrong & right. In hopes to save the younger

He was a tall white stork; She was a porcupine; It could never work.

Out of time, out of money.  Still able to smile. Quiet costs no money. Savor it.  Give love to many, not just one.  Laugh through the tears.

You say I’m not your type. Where are the ones who were? They hurt you. Used you. Abandoned you. I guess I love you too much to be your type.

Feelings that are not returned start to rot. Time to clean the fridge and buy fresh apples.

Trust isn’t promises spoken. Trust is real and not a token. Trust cares if the heart is broken; Trust waits long to be awoken.

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