Friday, July 29, 2011

Here’s The Thing About Getting Older

Consider the alternative.
I moan to think it went too fast.
But then I think of all the events
And all the lovers and I smile.

People play the “If I were Rich” game.
Where you can buy youth in a bottle
And many, many youths for your bed.
Which will lead to bitterness for the poor.

Maybe it’s a female thing.
To find white hair and wrinkles

Maybe our once racing hormones
Aren’t demanding to be served

Is it cruel to be honest and say that
You had all the chances in the world
And blew it?

All I know is that I have decided to be retired
And get out of the rat race of success and love

All I know is maybe it’s better to be alone
And loved by friends instead of depressed.

Yes, I have a regular income and investments
Yes, I have no children begging for cash.

But yes, I’m now free to work for the good of others
But yes, I’m now free to read and write and think

Of course, it’s not perfect.
Of course, I’m getting weaker.

But I have to remind you one more time:

Consider the alternative.

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