Sunday, July 10, 2011

Women Writing P*rn*graphy

There is probably a very brief thrill passing through the male…heart…upon hearing these words, but it quickly falls…passes. After all, we don’t really get it. Men know that it has to be a young and willing vixen and not an old Cougar swinging her legs wide. We have the problem is that the words “compatibility” and “intelligence” fall into our minds right behind the word “Love,” which, in pornography, means sex, not a mortgage and two point three kids.

A happy ending means completely different things in male and female pornography.

Can that ever be the same? I don’t see why not. I’ve been examining my intentions of late; my demands and expectations. The problem is, reaching the age of 62 eliminates the idea of “happy ever after”, but leaves you with a body hardly suited for porn. But most importantly, we know what that young girl is thinking in this messed up society. It’s not the joy of serving the man as much as it is the joy of thinking what the reward will be for giving it to him.

And no, please, not an orgasm, you can do that and probably better with a machine. If she’s putting on the costume and bending over backwards for you, it is for pleasing the man and that reward is in keeping the elusive male. Maybe leading to marriage and children and a house, but that is a deep, dark secret. No, Big Boy! It’s to make YOU happy! A true porn woman is noble as Mother Theresa.

OK, enough intellectualizing. It may be time to lay down and spread ‘em. Calm down. Not mine. But let’s try it and see what I can come up with. I’ve already  been asked to stop avoiding the word “fuck”, let’s see what we can do with the action.

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