Monday, July 4, 2011

The Dreaded “F” Word

I am the Queen of
The Dreaded “F” Word.
The word no one
Ever wants to hear spoken
About themselves.

I’ve avoided facing
The Dreaded “F” Word
For so long and now
it’s in my face.
I tell myself that
I have money
And insurance.
The Dreaded “F” Word
Does not apply to me.

But I will never be loved.
Never see a play produced.
I have no house or  children.
I have Multiple Sclerosis
Getting worse every year.

I can no longer avoid
The “Dreaded ‘F’ Word.”
Cover your ears,
Remove the children
From the room.
I have to say it.
I have to face it.
And say it loud.


I am a Failure.

I said it.
Maybe now
I can change it
To Hope.

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