Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day

If I put my words
   In actors’ mouths,
   they soar high.
In my own dry mouth
   They dribble out
   A dull lie.
Slowly, I am learning
   How to hear the
   New voices.
Slowly, I am seeing
   What the world wants.
   Their choices.
It may be too late,
   But now is it.
   All we have.
 Forget Tomorrow.
   The past is gone.
   Breathe my Love.
Just grab the sunshine
   And hold it tight.
   Near the sea.
On a mountaintop.
   Small figures reach.
   Flying free.


  1. Yep let's grab the sunshine and feel free.

  2. Even retired, I'm taking a holiday! We know you are.