Monday, July 18, 2011

I’m Still Alive, I Just Don't Know What to Say

Like many people on Disability, I’m waiting for the idiocy to end. Even my parents, dedicated to Republican stupidity have realized that something is wrong. They don’t consider Social Security and Medicare to be Socialism because they use them and they hate Socialism. They’re starting to realize the truth.

The right wing of the Republican party are racist animals, dedicated to destroying anything that serves the poor and clever enough to convince poor white people that THEY are not actually the poor.  It is no surprise that they attack education. They need stupid voters to keep them in power where they can get the money of rich men.

But I’ve said that over and over. And the 2012 election is too far away. All I can do is wait. The petitions we sign on Facebook are never read or taken seriously.  The fact that 80 percent of the poll respondents hate what the Republicans are doing we are paralyzed by fear. That’s what having only one job that you have to keep does. My mother is worried, but more worried about “Al Qaeda armies training in Mexico.”

Prepare for anything, Kids. We’re in a bad place and it is international.

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