Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Special Day, Special Post

On my 61st Birthday, one more than Charlie Brown
I don't have to be Grandma of "Playboy" magazine.
I don't have to be a silver and turquoise wearing follower of New Age enlightenment or a Craftsperson, but I want to know these women and learn from them.
I don't have to be someone's Wife, Mom, or Grandmom and never will be.
I don't have to be a homeowner or a "market" for goods. I am NOT what I buy.
I am not supposed to like Vampire Weekend. I adore Vampire Weekend and Green Day and the Beastie Boys and Miles Davis and any Classical music played on the original instruments they were written for. Bartok makes sense to me.
I have rediscovered Feminism after years of neglect and I will never again define myself through a man, but I will strive to understand Men and treasure my new male friends in equality with women. We're all in this together.
The world is changing whether we like it or not. Let go of the stereotypes. Lose the fear. You may have to go to work, but you have the weekends to rock and roll. Just remember to take a nap first.

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