Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reinhard Rule of Riting #16

Now, Comes The Hard Part
After months of whining, I have the actors. I have the room. We're ready to do a read through of The Talking God on September 20...and we seem to have an audience. Now, usually, I would ask you to do your first reading without any viewers, so you can just work. But the theater group at the church is feeling so much enthusiasm, I'm going to let them see it and pray. You have to time it. You have to hear lines go CLUNK! and fix them. People don't understand that you have heard the CLUNK! and want to fix it. They will just remember the CLUNK! And that is what they might tell their friends. I also have not heard 2 of the actors, but then, that's something one would have to deal with and the play has to help the actors do it right. I tell actors about my play set in the hills of Virginia not to worry about the accent. Because it's my job to make sure it's there. There is just something about the Southern Girl's "Fuck You", which is the phrase "Now, isn't that special?" that actors instinctively know. The most important character in The Talking God is Charlie Malone. I have to have that "He'd be a good friend to have right now, Son." laconic THING in the words. I cannot look at other plays. I cannot work on other plays until the 20th of September. I may explode.

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