Friday, September 10, 2010

Reinhard Rule of Riting #17

I Started With a Final Speech of Bulldog, Because of a Ghost
Me and men, some damned Feminist. We let them rule everything. We slave for them and mourn for them and alas, we spoil them. I did not say this. I should have said this. I should have not allowed the most brilliant human being...who taught me you CAN split infinitives in English, you just can't do it in Latin...I should not have let him disappear. Treasure such lessons as the split infinitive. We will never hear their like again.

You don’t have time, period, Burt! If you go out into the woods and rot in your Mother’s apartment, you will blow your chances to ever, ever give us all your beautiful words. Your mind. Oh, God! This is not about me! I know! I know! I’m weird and I’m crippled! I’m not beautiful! Got it! You don’t have to love me! But what about them? What about the readers? When God gives you a gift like this and you refuse, REFUSE to use it. What in HELL happened in your life that you can’t take pride in your can’t use your talents. Did your father beat you? Did a priest abuse you? What happened to make you hate yourself so much? Why won’t you fight back?

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