Friday, September 24, 2010

Reinhard Rule of Riting #21

We Are Family
Sorry to use an old "Birdcage" song. In the Navajo culture, the clan is more important than the actual family you are born in. We are clan Theater of the larger clan Art. We have to have each other's backs. Especially in these terrible economic times. I just realized that my friend, Peter, a truly great artist (and animal rights activist and poet and novelist) is my Baby Brother in many ways. My friend, Brian, is learning how to write and produce film (and succeeding). And all of us are a little obsessive and pretentious and probably didn't pay attention to the details of life while we sweated over a keyboard or a canvas. I have no husband or children and never will. I only have a pile of unproduced scripts. But Brian acts for me in readings. Peter may create a flyer for me (please, please, Peter!). I can't do a damned thing without a cast and crew completing my canvas. Go to readings of plays. Buy people's books and sculptures whenever you can. Support. Support. Support or we will all surely collapse and be gone. And that's a generation of Art we could lose.

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