Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reinhard Rule of Riting #18

Six Days Till The Reading of Talking God

I can't read The Talking God to myself again. It's starting to look frail and hollow. I can't worry about the actors as my faith in them will make them better. Joel told me he was going to have his script typed so I handed him a copy of Redemption so he can see what they are supposed to look like. I am aiding the competition. I don't have the heart to tell him I have a finished Gay wedding play. Someone in London is reading the script. I am thinking that London might be the place to turn to, my ego being great.

Glen and Patricia want me to move to Seattle. It is possible. I am so bored with Montclair and New York is too expensive. But what about the theater? Can I do anything anywhere at age 60? Still, the kids want to take care of me. But am I West Coast? Can I ever be a Moonbeam? Am I Jersey to the bone? This is the longest week of my life.


  1. Glen says, "Kevin Smith claims Jersey born and raised, but lives in LA." :) Of course he lives there to be near hollywood, so there you go. But Seattle's like Hollywood without all the yucky... everything.

  2. Kevin Smith uses us and then goes back to his Hollywood mansion with the hot and cold running irony. Zack Branff is no better.

    I love how in the movie The Mind of John Malkovich, people who exit are dropped by the Turnpike.