Monday, October 4, 2010

Reinhard Rule of Riting #22

Preparing for Networking--Am I a Crazy Old Lady?
I seem to have two events for one day on October 13 and that's a wonderful thing. One is the theater meeting at the Montclair Church, and the other is the new Dramatists Guild Woman's group, where I would be doing some NYC networking. DG, of course, forgot to note the time, so I don't know if I can do both, and I must decide. In the meantime, my sister and niece have gone through my closet finding better looking clothes for me. They also made me buy makeup and as I look at myself in the new guise, I realize that perhaps it can be Feminist to do what I want to make myself feel better. My new pictures all look terrific and I seem to be smiling, but how far does this go? What does attractive mean at 61? Is it obscene to think my life with men is not over? And if I've never been able to do the dating thing correctly, would it not be once more a source of pain and degradation made more so by everything running lower to the ground? I was told at 35 that I was too old to write plays...what about now? Dear God, what about now? But I must plant a smile on my face and shake hands and seem bright-eyed and optimistic. What choice do I have? If you have a time machine, I could be younger, but I was not the writer I am now. I'm so tired of cliches. I'm so tired of common wisdom. I want to be the exception to the rule, damn it!

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  1. What choice do you have ? Good question in an age where there are seemingly more options available. I choose to question the wisdom of the person who told you 35 was too old to be anything you want to be .... was there a choice available to you then ?
    As the 'About Me' says on the left of the screen ... you still write ... right ? :-)