Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reinhard Rule of Riting #24

You Must Concentrate on the Play in Production, But I have this idea....
With rehearsals starting Monday for The Talking God (now 2 TWO 2 shows), I really should put everything else aside so that I don't get away from that backyard in Montclair, but I feel a bit lost. This blog will someday be a play. Probably my one-woman goodbye to New York/New Jersey, or a course in writing plays. The actual next one is Bulldog, but I can't touch that because the style is so different from God. Even though I am bored, I should read or clean or take a long walk. So much of my life has been affected by Facebook. And no, it is NOT a replacement for real life. It's turning into an education and a caution. A place to find Art and Writing and astounding friends. So, with two movies out about it right now, there certainly cannot be a play. Or is there? Is this the title?
R U Here M I
Great title, if I must say so myself. I cannot allow myself to think of what it would be about, or who. Facebook is about hiding and it is also about exposure. I should just concentrate on The Talking God. But DAMN! That's a good title.

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