Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Warm and Snowless February

Is this February without a flake
An aberration or a precursor
Of a world that we’ve finally destroyed?

We are childless oddities all alone
Picking up our crumbs of fame and fortune
Sisters, nieces and nephews to forget.

I am grateful to leave no child behind
To suffer ever-crowded reality
And to wonder why they were ever born.

One man died and the other came too close
Thank God I was free and not at their sides
And others had to haul that cart of ash.

Now I’ll let you fall down into your hole
Too far away to hear your pointless cry
Surviving till I see the snow again.


  1. the depth, surreal emotion captured with imagery, this is sculpted, conveyed with passion and well written, pure poetry,
    I loved it! -Michael

  2. Thank you again, Michael. I try at least to be honest as I play around with different styles.

  3. i always read yr stuff- partly because of the classisism- the formalicity
    i can do the wm carlos wms and robt creeley stuff but i rather like the more formal, m'dear
    downton abbey you know

    so much depends upon
    the red wheelbarrow
    w some chicken
    from kfc

    dave eberhardt anonymous

  4. Yeah, Dave, I'm still a playwright so I still play with the sounds.

    Love your Haiku!