Sunday, February 12, 2012

Addicted to Love

Of all the drugs, the biggest Jones is Love.
That makes us let a man give us the pipe.
For one, I left my college sans degree,
Because I could not see he was not ripe
And unprepared to be a husband true.
The next, I swore to God, was just my type
Because he hooked me with his sexual skills.
To say that solves all problems is just hype,
He spent my cash and slowly went insane.
And from my life this bozo I did wipe
I broke my addiction for nineteen years,
Then loved a man who likes his sex on Skype.
The only way to find his perfect girl.

I now have run out of rhymes with “type.”
The addiction to love and men is dead.
Retired now from seeing skies of blue,
No longer needing my heels over head.

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