Sunday, February 19, 2012

Replacement Essay from A Chastened Writer

It is Sunday, February 19th. I am going to be trying to start over everything and so I have erased the previous posting for today. Social Media has got its ups and downs and hurdles. It’s far from perfect, but proving its powers, if used properly. I got too emotionally caught up on a personal level. It is what it is and it do what it do. I have met my former coworkers, old friends, family and fellow churchgoers and Montclairians, of course, and 3 of the rest of you. But now, it is time to start fresh. We have to define what exactly a Facebook friend is. We should have a real life and post fun and educational things about it. We must tread carefully if we go beyond that. We can be supportive, but you need real people to see to your needs in real life on a daily basis. Intimate details are best left outside the door. Some people need to have LIKEs and some people just need to announce their beliefs. After a rough transition, I will explain once more that I try to be supportive and do not comment on things I have not read. I may read your statement and want to go “Hooray!” and the only way to do this is through the woefully inadequate LIKE. At any rate, remember you can remove any comment you don’t like yourself and I will not mind. If you want me to remove something, ask me and I will. It’s easy to send a message to me on Facebook if you need any explanation. I will try harder to make absolutely sure of what I am saying and not be humorous unless a joke is clear. We can do more good than harm if we keep it friendly and unemotional, which I have not been good at. Let’s put the emotions into changing the world. Our lives have to be dealt with in the real world. Thanks for your support and encouragement. I'm trying to grow up even if I'm 62.

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