Monday, February 20, 2012


Wow! Give me a second. I wasn’t prepared to talk right now…but we might as well get it over with. All right! Here’s the thing… I didn’t know what I was doing, all right? I know that’s not an excuse and I’m not looking for an excuse but I was just a young, stupid kid, with really, REALLY bad parents and I just wanted an excuse…a reason to escape. So, I did. I dropped out of college and got married because he asked me and it seemed to make sense. I thought that’s what my parents wanted and I thought that was what I wanted, but it wasn’t. We were miserable. And poor…God! Were we poor.  We had a couch, a television, a bed and a dining room table and everything else was in boxes. Boxes all over the place. I had to find a job typing and he actually drove a cab. Poor Eddie. He didn’t know…we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, dropping out of college and leaving our folks. Of course, it couldn’t last. But he didn’t want to go. I actually had to go and put the deposit on an apartment for him. And the first time I go over there…he’s got a stereo! I spent seven years wearing rags and eating noodles and Eddie got to his own place and he finds a way to afford a stereo. And I realized he was so excited about that stereo…showing me all the dials and what it could do…what it sounded like and then it hit me. He was happier alone with that stereo than he ever was with me. And I went back to my place and looked around and there was nothing…not a thing there that did the same thing for me. I’ve been looking ever since.

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