Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rhyme on a Dime

Sometimes, I am reminded that I’m ill,
And it can’t be cured by a single pill.

Nature smacks me down for eating sugar.
Just came to me the best rhyme is “booger.”

Take your brief Beavis and Butthead moment.
Sorry for the literary torment.

Anyway, a mild MS still is crap,
That won’t be laughed away with just a snap.

It makes an aging body even worse,
Someday will require at least one nurse.

But here I am and still ambulating.
Inside my mind still am a strong young thing,

Living in an age of Wine and Roses,
My one concern my Disco Queen poses.

I dream about whirling on the dance floor
With a tall and thin Romeo once more.

The Truth hits me with the back of her hand,
When I have to simply rise up and stand.

OK, enough of me feeling sorry,
They already wrote “Tuesdays With Maury.”

(*Yes, I am playing with forcing rhymes.)

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