Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sonnet XXXIII -- I Promise Not to Do Two in One Day Again

I fly to Seattle July the Fourth,
And have friends to see in Washington State.
I’m sick and I’m aging and see the worth,
Of one final trip through the Western Gate.
Could take the coast train down to old L.A.
See the Pacific and San Francisco,
Providing that I don’t let my mind stray
To a fellow whom I knew long ago.
No, I can’t go South till I guarantee
That my mind is clear of that insane crap.
I thought we were friends, but I didn’t see
That he needs a scapegoat and laid a trap.
I now understand his raw addictions,
Silence will quell all your dire predictions.


  1. wow, the sonnet style overcomes the reader with a flight of feared fancy, the delving matter plays light on realistic subject, and one I'm sure many can relate to, to fall in love then be manipulated is wht the meaning stikes to me.
    As always, your skills brink the words to life.
    Excellent job :) -Michael

  2. Thank you again, Michael. I have the devilish urge to rhyme words like "crap." I had just had a fight with my mother with whom I am quite alienated and it suddenly started putting the pieces together. She chose me to blame for everything in her life, even as a toddler. It reminded me of the new situation and I have to be REAL clear that if I go to California, I would not be hoping for something ridiculously impossible from someone who has wrecked his life. I'm getting better at expressing it. Thanks for you assistance.