Sunday, November 6, 2011

Poem, Haiku, Sonnet...the whole shebang...shebang!

There’s Just Room For One in This Bumper Car

Bleeding bandages speak of open wounds
How can you be the answer when I
Have no clue of what the question is?

I taste the victory of survival…
Which is bittersweet since I’m alone, but
There’s just room for one in this bumper car.

Too wildly dodging the rubber bumpers
To know why we work so hard at this life
Even when there’s no real reward for it.

Haiku After Debate between “Then” and “So” Resolved

I am sunshine
You are darkness
We touch and
So destroy each other

Sonnet VIII

I am found distant from humanity
Perhaps it is too late to find the clue.
Are artists meant to be in reality
Or do we prosper furthest from the zoo?
I don’t want pity, though I use a cane.
But I’d deal with Satan to have a break
From weakness that is making me insane.
And keeping me from being full awake.
I’m wise enough to know we have no choice,
And the alternative is black nothing.
And so, I try to find my rhyming voice.
My days of sexuality are done
My heart and mind still seem to be intact
I just won’t lay in bed to seek my fun.
It’s time to find the music my life lacked.
And even if I’m trapped inside this chair
I’ll use my words to draw you to my lair.


  1. Last six lines....... questions,despair, need, death of feeling, yet such strong emotions! The music is from the spheres, and those are inside. The mind cannot be held prisoner and drawing of the words is felt!
    Scarred Poet

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  3. Thank you, Scarred. In the formal set up of a sonnet, you must investigate the opposite emotions of the first 8 lines in the last 8 lines. I find it helps you to understand the subject so much better.