Friday, November 4, 2011

The 201st Reinhard Rites! HowApt! A Clean Slate

A Clean Slate

No one but you can live inside your skin
Survival is a lonely business.
There’s only so much that others can do.
Unless you want to drag them through your mess.

I’ve talked and I’ve written a thousand pages
And if you have to talk and write, you’ve lost it.
If things are right you don’t need one lone word
If there’s a fight, they’ve already tossed it.

Of course, if you’re fighting together, sure!
For a common goal and a common cause
Then, that’s good and healthy and edifies.
But fighting each other means broken jaws.

Walk away and start over having learned
More about yourself and how you relate
Don’t try to breathe air into the dying
And thank God above for your cleaned off slate.

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