Thursday, November 24, 2011

Definitely Undecided

I have wasted my life on this crap.                  And I’m tired of it. 
Wouldn’t it be great if we had a map               Of everything to come? 
Hardest thing I’ve ever done, growing old.      Being comes at a price.
I find the World is growing extra cold,             And I don’t have the time.
Five hundred loving me is not enough            To make me feel beloved.
Not when my childhood was so very rough     And cannot be relived. 
Can I handle the year of twenty-twelve?         And the election messes?
And the human madnesses we must delve,   To fix this rotten Earth.
Womanhood has ended for this old girl,     I must be a human
And try to find the deeply hidden pearl,          That gives life a purpose. 
I have to find the path to inner peace             To reach to help others.
My fantasies and daydreams have to cease.  I must accept my path.

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