Friday, November 11, 2011

Can't Seem to Find the Inspiration These Days

OK, I should put my mind firmly onto the play that we're supposed to be reading for the public soon. And I do want to go to Lulu and put together the small poetry book of the ten sonnets with a matching haiku, but I have lost the crazy. My inspiration for the last year has been stupid, crazy and self-destructive. Not the slightest bit based in reality, but it got me out of my slump and made me write plays again, and poetry for the first time.  However, my inspiration was overwhelming me and sucking the air out of my lungs and my words and I had to kill it dead with one blow. Except to correct and rewrite, I will never write one more word about it. I will only write about reality but I don't know what it is I want to say. Fantasy nearly destroyed me and I have seen it destroy a dear one and it has to stop, at least, in this apartment in Montclair. So, I may be absent for a few days while I put the pieces together, but look for me before Thanksgiving. Love to you all, my 24 loyal followers.

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