Monday, November 14, 2011

November 15 Over and Out

On the fringe of memory,
I no longer care if you
Are alive or dead.

The snows have already left
Their mark on our mountains
All the leaves are red.

Would my eyes had never seen
Love chained by pain and lust
Dressed in leather black.

I live in a simpler world
Among the striving souls
Trying not to crack.

My life is so organized
No problems in the mix
So much less intense.

You life is like the March Hare’s
Up is down, black is white
Nor a sense of sense.

Sun rises in the East and it
Sets in the Golden West
I don’t understand.

How the world can be so twisted
Through internet wires
In one single land.

We can’t be friends without the
Pain you seem to desire
Maybe that’s the clue.

Clean yourself in Heaven’s stream
Pray that your God forgives
I must forget you.

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