Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in “Blech!” -- Ready to Bother You All Again

Back in “Blech!”

I believe it was that respected literary publication, Mad Magazine, that first parsed the highly descriptive term: “Blech.” It sums up many of the tasks we take on every day or the things we see rotting upon the pavement.  It can be used in describing Coach Sandusky. I might have not spelled it precisely, as Professor Alfred E. Newman does, but it’s the thought that counts. I have once more stupidly allowed myself to get dragged into another person’s Blech and I have, after a year, crawled out of the ooze pit, alive, but humbled and shaken. I dove in thinking I could help, and once more discovered that they are very happy living in the smegma and was once again reminded that some of them eventually despise the person trying to help. To say more would indicate that I still had hope and I do not. Bye, Bye, Black Bird. So, now, I must start paying attention to the World. My life, believe it or not, actually is pretty good. I was laid off three years ago but got right on Disability and Pension and am now on Medicare. I have no debts and some savings. The MS is slowed down by the medicine and I am surrounded by friends and still writing. I’ve started to attend meetings and marches and while I think the Right Wing will never stop trying to destroy the world, I am fighting to try to at least slow it down. I must read more and I must learn. The only way to help one person is to try to help the entire world and to make the Earth a better place to live. You have to be outside the “Blech” pool to help anyone because you can and should grab any hand that is reaching out of it, looking for assistance. The ones who don’t want to leave should be left there to rot as they can only drag you down.

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