Sunday, October 16, 2011

What’s a Chick Got to do to Get Service in This Joint? Canto 11

CANTO 11  October 16, 2011

I don’t know why I’ve been so reluctant to write about Philadelphia.
That’s where I started getting theatrical experience.
I took important classes in playwriting at the Philadelphia Company.
I directly, badly, a show at Philadelphia Company.
We finally moved out of our friends’ apartment on the Main Line
We rented a house in the Greater, Scary, Northeast
But had no furniture and after letting a sink overflow, were thrown out.
We found a place on Spruce Street with a little bit more furniture
Ethan found a job in a book store
And I went to work for the Institute for the Study of Civic Values
It was basically just a place to get grand money to study…civic values?
But it was enough income for me to pay the first month’s rent
On an apartment for E. and to move him out.
He tried deciding to love me just before this happened
But it was too late
So I had that big, empty apartment all to myself
I couldn’t afford it. I have absolutely no idea how I met
The woman who would be my roommate on South Street.
But there I was in the first floor bedroom of a two story apartment
In a neighborhood that had just started to gentrify
There were still winos and prostitutes and Head shops
It was wonderful and magical.
Unfortunately, it was also the place where I met my
Second Schizophrenic. But I didn’t know that at the time.
I first had a wonderful affair with a man who is now my oldest friend
And while we were not in love, he was a great teacher sexually.
We began cheating on each other on almost the same day
And were able to laugh when we said goodbye and remained friends.
The man I cheated with was genuinely psychotic, but I didn’t know
I tried to please him but I refused to cheat on him even as he cheated on me
Frank, the friend from Atlantic City hated him
But that’s a story for the next installment
And this one was hard enough.

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