Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bad Sonnet Theater Presents A Foul and Rotten Mood

You know you’re in a foul and rotten mood
When you respond to Rumi with, “Bite me.”
Look around at our reality, Dude.
Times I think you’re happy just to spite me.
An orgasm ain’t going to pay the bills.
And the economy says “no” to dreams.
We rant and we march while the rich man chills.
Echo is the sole result of our screams.
But if we don’t choose death, then we must live.
And stop daydreaming of wine and of roses.
Forget our income and learn how to give.
Appreciate what’s under our noses.
What did Willie say about “petty pace”?
Maybe it’s time to slow down and to breathe.
And stop trying to win the human race.
And stop letting our anger boil and seethe.
And stop judging ourselves and finding fault.
Enjoying life before it reaches “halt.”


  1. yeh but it's human nature to judge and find fault also-
    nyah ny ny nyah nyah

  2. Here's the thing about the Shakespearian sonnet. You're supposed to make one case for the first half, then look at the other side for the rest of it.

  3. but, uh-oh, this 'sonnet' has 4 too many lines. forget about it. it doesn't have to be a sonnet to have the spirit of a sonnet, does it?