Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Wake To Find Myself in a Strange Apartment

I wake to find myself in a strange apartment
Full of my possessions.
I wake in panic over all my life’s problems
And can’t remember one.
I make a list of everything that needs doing
And just like that, it’s done.
The World is starting a brand new revolution
I am too weak to join.
I’m too fat and old to lose myself in romance
Addiction has lost steam.
The leaves are falling now, and the night air is chill
Why have I survived it?
Or is there a limit to the thrills Life can have?
No more saviors.
I haven’t got the strength to race for fame’s rewards
And face it, out of time.
Is that the secret connection that we share?
That we never did relax
But fought when we should have been carelessly laughing
Each day was life or death.
There is an art to being retired at last
Using all that free time
For more than “Look at me!” in Twitter and Facebook.
And being of some use.


  1. Stark, gritty but so is life at times...makes me want to hug you...xoxoxo

  2. Makes me want to go run the streets with you! We ain't dead yet! Bake some cookie and take them down to the front lines of the revolution like my ancestress Kerenhappuck Turner!

  3. Thanks, Guys! I wish I had know the movement was going to Times Square today. I could have handled 2 blocks from the Bus Station. MS makes politics hard. Yeah, I put on my jungle hat to go to the Library Fundraiser tonight. I am 62 going on 22 and not sure what to do but I'm working on it.