Saturday, October 1, 2011

Two Poems and An Essay

Who gives a good flying shit
If you get laid or I am loved
In this God-damned mess of a world?

Now, there are children starving
Homelessness and illness rampant
The climate is becoming Hell.

We cannot be distracted
There is no more time to prepare
Lust and dependency must wait.

And if we’re both too old now
To have our demands satisfied
There’s a war that we have to win.

If future generations
Are ever going to have the chance
To have the joys we threw away.

To save the world
And of no use
To you
And yet
Both entities
Are surviving

Playwriting is a three dimensional art, but so is cooking or designing a building. The other thing that they have in common is that they expensive and will never be the same again. How do we adjust? Are we able to return to telling a tale by the firelight and enrapturing a hungry crowd? Are we able to make a simple meal from basic foods that is healthy and will feed a thousand? Is that the true metaphor of Jesus and the fish and wine? And can we learn to build a clean and sturdy house that has only the room we need, with the most efficient storage that any man can afford? That is powered by the wind and moved by the sun. If we can’t do any of these things, then our Civilization may actually be doomed.


  1. Yayyyy, loved this, plus 1'd ya and posted to my G-Circles....xoxo

  2. Thank you so much! I'm just following my instincts. I appreciate your support!

  3. I doubt if Jesus could multiply fishes- my guess would b that it is a parable- along the lines of- u can give some one a fish or you can teach him/her how to fish
    also water into wine
    anyway- i wish more poetry these days were given to such wise teachings-
    but what do we get
    bland haikus abt obvious nothings

  4. photos of sunsets or poems abt emotions we have all experienced a million times

  5. thanx for writing abt an important subject- sex- and, by the way- we do care whether u r loved- please don't b so cavalier?

  6. Anonymous...I have no patience left with the formal Haiku people on Facebook, all that argument about what is and isn't how this should be that...all the formalism can free certain things, but there are too many rules. I just want to put down my feelings succinctly. I have a friend who is struggling with the issues of love and sex, still expecting it all to be the same at was as when we were thirty. Well, it's not and we have to redefine it for who we are at sixty. It will come by worrying about the real problems of the world.