Thursday, October 13, 2011

One Free Verse and One New Sonnet

1. Two Beats

Noise in
My head
I can’t
I won’t
To do.
Act two
I wrote
Not safe
Your life
Is yours
Too far
To help
Let go
Let God
I care
Too much
You don’t
Hear me
Old voices
Dead air
The dead
Move on.

2. Sonnet V.
The question has turned from how to why we
Bother to survive to breathe one more day.
There will be no house or children for me,
And the career has been tossed far away.
Existing to buy and use medicines,
To demand that doctors extend my life
Through testing and treating and vitamins.
I’m nobody’s mother and no one’s wife.
And yet here I am, living on the dole,
Writing sonnets to justify being,
Trying to ignore Old Age’s high toll,
The MS challenge of unplanned peeing.
I hope I just gave you a tiny laugh.
And found a way to pass an hour’s half.

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