Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hollow Connections

Hollow connections, ringing through my eyes
Make the circuit with trembling fingertips.

No Prince Charming  No Damsel in Distress.
Just hordes of peasant beggars needing food.

If I see the same poster one more time….
I will Like it and not type any words.

You have been trampled and still don’t know it
I keep moving and leave you in the dust.

You can’t take stop looking at the Princess
And will die alone, dreaming of her smile.

The only song I have is from You Tube
With barely twenty three derisive hits.

I want to touch warmth and skin, not plastic.
I need the challenge of a strangers’ eyes.

Give me people fresh off the nine to five
With children and hobbies and screw the art.

I don’t want to see representations of
Silken flower petals and musky fur.

I want the real things, before they are gone.

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