Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Words, Words, Words, I'm so Sick of Words

That's from "My Fair Lady", which Shaw would have hated for its "happy" ending. Liza and the Professor would have had a marvelous friendship, which Shaw knew. Freddy would have be an adequate husband, tagging along during the verbal sparring. Sex and domesticity would have ruined the friendship. What had happened by the mid-fifties that we could only believe in that as the happy ending...or was it America and Broadway? Getting back to my point, I'm feeling a bit of a burnout with words. Too much misunderstanding and machination. I want the gesture, the color, the light. I want to hear boots marching across the boards and hear a rattle of a thunder board. The best line of dialogue in any movie was in "Pitch Black". The line was "Not for me!" Perfectus in contextus. The Female Space Navigator had said her job, as a soldier, was to give her life for others. When the alien almost had Riddick, the criminal in his grasp, she stepped in between them and the Alien ate her and Riddick yells "Not for me!" and suddenly sees the light and becomes a hero instead of a villain. Three tiny words. That's the art of script writing. In my film script for "Redemption", the little boy says to his Stepfather, "My real father had to die." The Stepfather, being a policeman, hears the words "had to" jump out. Because there is nothing as powerful as small words. "To be or not to be..." That IS the question.

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