Monday, February 28, 2011

March 1, 2011 is the Official Start of the Rest of My Life

I have to clean this apartment and do the 2010 taxes. There is a one act play deadline on April 15 and all of my one acts are too long and can’t be cut. That means a new one. Oh, joy! Coming off 120 pages of monster epic, I don’t have much storytelling left.

I can’t put off the return to the gym one more day and I have to started getting information on Medicare so I’m not surprised on October 1st. My friends and family have finally and firmly forbidden me (F’s!) to speak of anything from before March 1, 2011 and I have run out on reprieves on that. I am moving on. Granted my face is shoved deep into the mud and it’s pouring rain and I have a bad left leg, but damn it, I am standing up and moving on. Lend me a hand to get up. Thanks.

It’s called normal life. It’s what everyone has to do every day and if I am going to speak to these people, if I am going to sell these people tickets, I had better damn well accept it and understand, so I can find the fantasy and poetry in it. And then, I will have brilliantly come up with some form of Art that will inspire and comfort the world as life gets poorer and more insane. With Congress freshly filled with morons, we will have dirtier food and air. We will not be able to travel safely and our computers will operate at 1/10 the speed of the rest of the world. Whoop di doo!

It’s going to be a fun final 10 years for me. And it starts tomorrow. With a vacuum cleaner and a calculator. All the rest to follow. Whoooo! Cough!

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